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Demand Elegance








Our Story

We traveled the world for you.

From the wild chamomile from France to the cold-pressed carrot oils of Germany, we created a vibrant, one of a kind cosmetics and skincare line.

Simultaneously luxurious and intimate, Caroline Chu is built with you in mind.

We strive for perfection because you deserve perfection.

We use all natural ingredients and minerals because your skin deserves to shine toxin free.

However, our purpose is much more than our products. After a divorce and a late career change from the Silicon Valley tech industry, she boxed all her possessions and left San Francisco. With next to nothing, she traveled the world alone for two years to search for the essences of beauty. 

Every ounce of our products reflect this journey. We embody courage, empowerment, and freedom. To not just bring out the best you but to inspire you to become a better you.

Never settle.

For those who demand a higher standard. For those who demand elegance in every product you use. Caroline Chu was made for you.






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 Elegance in Color


     Beautiful Hair.   Beautiful You

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