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Caroline Chu’s skincare and cosmetic line is the result of a dream that began over 30 years ago in an all-girls school on the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan.

For twelve years of schooling, Caroline reluctantly conformed to the drab, uncomfortable uniforms that were so heavily enforced. While she diligently completed her early studies, she dreamt of the freedom to someday express her vision of beauty, color, and art.

At the age of 20, Caroline moved to San Francisco to pursue her studies; she tirelessly strove to become fluent in the English language and eventually earned her M.A. in Industrial Arts. For the next 15 years, Caroline secured the position of Creative Director in several high tech companies - becoming an integral female figure in the corporate world.

However, once her daughter left for college, Caroline decided she was ready for something more. As an artist at heart, she set out to fulfill her true passion, through what she believed to be the most fundamental of all creative mediums - the art of individual beauty and health.

Taking her intimate knowledge of the aesthetics of colors and textures, Caroline traveled to different countries in search of new inspiration. In several regions of Asia, she encountered a diverse range of approaches to skincare. She fell in love with the simplicity of all-natural skincare methods-fresh botanicals with no complex chemicals-that were both rejuvenating and extremely affordable. In parts of Europe, her travels soon culminated into researching and developing ideas for her own actual line of skincare and cosmetics, one that would be the marriage of high quality, naturally effective ingredients with a reasonable cost.

Caroline believes that beauty is not just about appearances, but embracing the feeling of empowerment and comfort in one’s own skin. Caroline Chu Skin Care & Cosmetics hopes to reach a wide audience of women, and inspire them to feel the same.

Mission Statement
Caroline Chu, Inc. strives to inspire tranquility in the lives of women through the pleasures of nurturing skin care and cosmetics.

Beauty begins on the inside - Caroline Chu, Inc. creates innovative, luxurious products centered on overall well - being. Using the highest quality natural ingredients available, our products represent what beauty should be like straight forward and effortless. Our philosophy is to promote women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, to feel confident and empowered.

Our products...

  • undergo extensive research and development to utilize the most nourishing of natural ingredients.
  • are both gentle and effective for a range of skin types.
  • repair, nourish, and protect.
  • are ideal for busy women without the time for full-blown spa treatments and weekly facials.
  • can be depended on for superior, consistent quality at an affordable price.