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Kayte CookWatts

Date: 10/13/12

The Caroline Chu Skin Care & Cosmetics Argan Oil Look & Feel Shampoo & Conditioner is fantastic! Doesn't weigh my hair down at all- & conditions wonderfully! I like it better than Aveda Damage Remedy. I have used argan oil by itself & it was too heavy- but this worked perfectly.Smells great and easy to use attractive pump bottles. I am a new fan & convert! Thank you so much!

Mapu Kahanu

Date: 4/2/12

I have used a lot of top of the line skin care products, i just started using your anti-aging skin care line and its absolutely fabulous!!! I have never commented on a skin care line before but the results were immediate and my skin is truly softer, radiant and it looks like baby skin! I had to post this.

Three products I like...

Date: 3/28/11

SPF 15 Moisturizing Lotion I love using this facial moisturizer because of its SPF properties, its lightweight feel and its fast-absorption. Plus, it smells great and doesn’t leave a greasy after-feel like a lot of facial moisturizers out there. I do wish the texture were a little bit thicker (it tends to start dripping when I dispense the lotion onto my hand) but overall, I’m very pleased with this product! AHA Renewal Mask This is a great mask and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth after I rinse it off. The smell is wonderful and I feel so pampered every time I apply it. A little product goes a long way. My skin definitely feels fresher and renewed whenever I use this. Moisturizing Body Lotion This is truly an enjoyable lotion to use! I’m very picky when it comes to body lotions as many are too “tacky,” “sticky” or the scent does not mix well with my body chemistry. I do not have any problems with this lotion at all! The scent and texture are both great! My husband, who is very sensitive to fragrance of any kind – lotion, etc. – even likes the smell of this!
Angie S. of Bay Area, CA


It's Perfect!

Date: 12/1/10

I use Caroline Chu Seaweed Repair Cream every morning. It is perfect - not too heavy, not too light! It has a nice cool soothing feeling and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. Perfect for living in a dry climate like Las Vegas!
Holly McNamara of Las Vegas

Looking Younger

Date: 11/4/10

As most typical male ex-jocks I've spent many years keeping my body in shape but not enough time on keeping my face in shape. Also, with so many skin care products on the market where to begin? Then I was introduced to Caroline Chu products - facial cleansers, renewal masks, repair crèmes, eye crème and moisturizers. These products are now an integral part of my FULL body workout! Approaching the ripe old age of 60, I not only feel 15 years younger but look it too (so I am told). Thanks Caroline !!! B well, B fit, B happy....
Ricky Williams of Los Angeles, CA


Beauty Strategy

Date: 11/3/10

Taking good care of my skin is an essential part of my beauty strategy! And so is Caroline Chu! I love her products! Her AHA Renewal Mask, Seaweed Repair Cream and White Tea & Pomegranate Age Defying Toner are my absolute favorites. Chu beauty products complements my healthy lifestyle and makes my skin flawless, radiant and youthful.
Clara Greene of of Los Angeles, CA


Sensational Products

Date: 11/1/10

I have tried the shower gel Caroline Chu and was very pleased by the delicate fragrance, and the slim sharp looking of the packaging. I also enjoyed some of the skin care line and really liked the texture and the feel of the creams which left a sensation of a fresh and relax skin. Since I started trying some of the products Carolin Chu I realize that these are really good products and affordable versus what is offered on big established brands!
Christophe Rolland of San Francisco, CA


Highest Quality Products

Date: 11/1/10

I've seen a lot of beauty lines come and go. Caroline Chu's products are some the highest quality products I've ever used. The line is very well thought out and I love using her products.
Rob Angelino, CEO BEAUTY TV of Los Angeles, CA


Outstanding Products

Date: 11/1/10

I have been using Caroline Chu's products for two years and they are outstanding. Caroline Chu's products have natural ingredients and are moderately priced which is the reason I chose hers over the many that are on the market. I use the Caroline Chu Gentle Facial Cleanser which cleans very well and leaves my skin soft and smooth. The Caroline Chu Shower Gel has a very light fragrance and cleans the skin nicely leaving it slightly fragrant and soft to the touch. My very favorite is Caroline Chu's Moisturizing Lotion because it has SP15 sun block, is very light-weight on the skin, and leaves the skin soft as a baby's skin. Caroline Chu's skin products make my skin feel fresh and renewed. Since I have been using her wonderful line of products my skin is visiby improved.
Mary Jane Lorenson of San Francisco, CA


That wonderful Shower gel...

Date: 10/29/10

The shower gel has become part of my morning routine. Just like coffee, I can't seem to wake up without it. Something about the fragrance and the feeling on my skin that is so revitalizing and soothing at the same time. My skin thanks you as well, gentle but still very cleansing. That shower gel is to die for, please don't ever stop making it....or I don't know what I'll do. My mother is visiting from Canada, and I put one in the guest room....she can't seem to stop talking about how wonderful it is either. Great product, thanks so much.
MaryAnn Tupper of San Jose, CA


This Man LOVES Your Products!

Date: 10/28/10

I am a man's man, Caroline, and I LOVE your products. I used a wide range of them - lotions, shower products, eye cremes, facial products, .... and all of them are top notch! The visual effects I've observed make me incredibly happy, and the way I FEEL is even better! I've tried many product lines that are much more expensive, from bigger brands, and none of them are anywhere near as good as Caroline Chu. Keep up the great work, Caroline, and I look forward to seeing what you and your amazing company crank out next.
Kevin Akeroyd of San Francisco, CA


Love Glycolic Acid Purifying Toner and the Seaweed Repair Cream

Date: 10/28/10

I've struggled with my T-Zone for as long as I can remember and working in the fashion and entertainment industry, looking your best is essential. Caroline Chu's products have literally changed the texture of my skin, giving me confidence so I don't have to hide behind heavy make-up and can let my true self come through. I especially like the Glycolic Acid Purifying Toner and the Seaweed Repair Cream. If you are searching for that inner and outer glow, you have to try Caroline Chu's products which not only correct and replenish your skin but make you feel confident and ready to face the world.
Sade Adelekan, Owner, HYDROGEN Magazine of Los Angeles, CA



Date: 1/8/10

I recently ordered the facial wash from a home shopping network channel just to try her products. I love the way my skin felt afterwards just using it one time, so I went to her site and ordered the seaweed repair kit which I loved and used that for 2 weeks. I also ordered her day and night hydrating kit and loved the that cream also. Needless to say I was hooked and had to order the green tea serum and mask....all I can say is WOW..My skin looks fantastic....My skin is sensitive, combination and this line has done wonders...I have finally ended my search for the best skin care...Love,love,love her products....
Rebecca Aguilar


Day and Night Hydrating Cream

Date: 12/13/09

I have tried everything from drugstores to department stores in search of something for my sensitive dry skin patches and nothing worked until now. Caroline Chu's Day and Night Hydrating Cream works wonders without that sticky feeling most other creams leave you with. In just a couple of weeks, the dry patches on my chin and neck are gone leaving my skin smooth and soft as silk. Can't wait to try more products!
Jessica Wong of Bay Area, CA


I just love the Seaweed repair cream.

Date: 11/7/09

I just love the Seaweed repair cream. Since a go on business trips pretty often, my skin gets dull and dry after spending 8-10 hours on an airplane. After I dicsovered the Seaweed cream, I always take it with me on my trips. It moisturizes so well, leaving my skin soft and healthy glowing.
Inga Vailionis of Los Gatos, CA


Absolutely Love

Date: 11/3/09

I was introduced to Caroline Chu's Frangrance about a year ago and absolutely love it! Definitely one of my favorites!
Anna Noble of Los Angeles, CA


I love your products

Date: 9/15/09

I hate to bother you, but I wanted to tell you that since I got your product I have been using them religously. I was very sick last week and had not been able to use them. The difference in my skin was shocking. Sunday I exfoliated and masked and my skin went immedately back to the soft glowing state it should be. I love your products. My dermatologist is shocked at how great my skin is and is telling her clients to order your stuff. I am only 27 years old and was not sure if I should be using the anti aging product but am so happy that I am. I have used so many products over the years and nothing made my skin look as amazing as your products do. Thank you Caroline"
Johnna Ofcharsky


best of all the perfume has a strong burst of floral bouquet

Date: 8/19/09

I received the Caroline Chu perfume as a present just recently. It is a little handy bottle that I can sneak into my bag. I love the roller ball matte bottle dispenser as it is a very nice and convenient way to apply the perfume. And best of all the perfume has a strong burst of floral bouquet that smells really good on me. And it lasts for a long time too ! I highly recommend this perfume to anyone who loves floral scent and who wants to have a nice little bottle that that they can carry around with them and use it whenever they feel like they need a sensory booster at any time and during the day/night !
Madame Tew L Y


I highly recommend this cream

Date: 8/19/09

I started using the Caroline Chu Seaweed cream a few weeks ago and I noticed that my skin texture has improved and it feels softer than before. I love the fact that the cream has no scent/perfume infused into it and it feels really "pure" and good. The cream is of thick consistency and the best thing is that you feel luxuriously moisturized without the oily sticky feeling. This is important to me as I have very oily skin. In fact, minutes after applying the cream, the skin looks matte and plumped up. I am amazed ! I wear this cream just before I go to bed and when I go out in the day as there is spf protection. It gives me a nice matte look. I highly recommend this cream !!
Hazel Heng of Singapore


GREAT skin care regimen

Date: 8/14/09

I have a combination oily/dry complexion and was always having "dry spots" flare up on my face. The skin care lines that I've used in the past to control the dry areas would always be too oily for the rest of my face. Ever since I've started the Caroline Chu skin care regime, the dry skin flare ups have disappeared. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products and would recommend them highly.
Maria of Tracy, CA



Date: 8/7/09

I have a problem with in-grown hair. I am a man. I am 44 years old. And I do not use any face lotion except when I shave. Any man who has in-grown hair knows they hurt. When hair fails to form properly into stubbles that usually covers around the mouth and neck areas, "cyst-like" bums replace them. Brushing across these bums cause irritation, and piecing pain. And sleeping face down on a pillow becomes a real challenge. Upon Carolines recommendation, I begin using Caroline Chu Seaweed Repair Cream. Initially, I applaud that this cream does not feel greasy. I wear it before bed after washing my face. I live in tropical Singapore. This explains why I never apply lotion or cream. Singapore's humidity is enough to keep me feeling sticky after just stepping out of the shower, and soon after; greasy too. Most importantly, after just a couple of weeks using Caroline Chu Seaweed Repair Cream, I notice two things. Firstly, I no longer see or feel those pesky "cyst-like" bums. The in-grown hair bums are diminishing. And secondly, much to my surprise, the pores on my face also appear tinnier . . . and the overall texture of my face; smoother. So now, I apply one face cream only. Caroline Chu Seaweed Repair Cream.
Melvin Chong of Singpore


I love Caroline Chus Eye Shadow products!

Date: 8/5/09

I love Caroline Chus Eye Shadow products. I got "Blackened Jewel" for my mom, and she loves it. My mom is a fashion designer and you know how picky she can be. I got "Celestial Blue" for myself and I have received so many compliments from friends and colleagues. Thank you, Caroline for creating those cool eye shadows. Love them all!
Vera of Dallas, Texas

a guy

Date: 7/19/09

i'v been using orgins face/skin for 25 yrs. and i may be slowing whitching!!...the seaweed repair cream is the greatest. i use it after shaving before my sunscreen. wow great feel,no oil feels like a true pick me up.i'm also sold on the eye cream.
robin of San Francisco, CA


by MD Dermatology Stanford University

Date: 6/9/09

The Caroline Chu Day and Night Hydrating cream is a combination of antioxidants that I recommend for my patients to reduce the effects of sun and stress on their skin.
Zakia Rahman, MD FAAD Clinical Instructor of Derma of Palo Alto, CA


Caroline's products are just wonderful!

Date: 6/6/09

You can just feel the high-quality, natural ingredients doing their thing! Since I started using them over a year ago I feel like my skin is in much better condition, like I'm taking good care of it! And if I'm ever getting a little tired or bogged down I turn to my Caroline Chu products for an uplift -- my favorites are the Ginseng Toner/Refresher and the Day and Night Hydrating Cream ... instant revitalization! Just had to note on here that this stuff is the best! The texture is perfect -- it provides a soothing cleanse without any dryness or harshness. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated!'
Whitney Freehan of East Bay, CA


AHA Renewal Mask - so lovely!

Date: 6/6/09

Just had to note on here that this stuff is the best! The texture is perfect -- it provides a soothing cleanse without any dryness or harshness. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated!
Whitney of East Bay, CA






















































































































































































Love it!

Date: 4/12/09

Love this toner! It's gentle on my skin and smells very delightful. I can't wait to try other products by Caroline Chu. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Lisa Cheng of San Francisco, CA


My search is over

Date: 6/2/09

I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the products I have tried so far. I have been searching for a skin care line that addressed multiple needs: dry patches, oily patches, fine lines, blemishes - the works. I can honestly say that Caroline's products have done all that. Thank You!!! The Gentle Cleanser cleans without over drying, the Seaweed Repair Cream is a miracle and the Day & Night Hydrating Cream moisturizes without feeling greasy or heavy. My skin is smooth, my pores are diminishing, my blackheads disappearing and the blemishes few and far between. I can't say that everyone will have the same results, but I'm really happy I did! I'm exicted to try the Night Cream and the Green Tea Antioxident Serum (I just ordered them). Thanks Caroline!!
Maureen Belanger of New Hampshire


Pure Elegance

Date: 4/9/09

SPF 15…Moisturizing Lotion…”My dry skin drinks in the silky, lightly scented lotion of Caroline Chu’s moisturizing lotion…pure elegance”
Lorita Moffatt of San Francisco, CA


I'm a guy and most guys don't use face creams

Date: 3/26/09

I'm a guy and most guys don't use face creams. But I do get dry skin from time to time from allergies. Caroline Chu's Seawead Repair Cream is the only thing I use now. It works perfectly, keeps my skin looking great, and isn't noticeable at all. The best ever!
Tom Stoneman, Owner, Stoneman Studios of Redwood City, CA


This line is A-M-A-Z..ING!

Date: 3/26/09

This line is A-M-A-Z..ING! The more products I try, the more I like & love! I LOVE the bamboo facial scrub, I am so addicted, wow.. my face feels soft, and smooth! It feels like a baby microderm abrasion for the face and skin. Once I tried one item then I just wanted to use the whole line, so next was the perfumed oil then I liked that so much I got the lotion and wear the two together, one word..yummy! Caroline Chu's line is all about the details, the whole package from the incredible scents, to the packaging is first class, just beautiful! Life is tough, sometimes, actually most times .and just to feel pretty for a moment and know that thoughout your day you have that to me is huge. My time, my secret. It's that simple and in those moments when I use Caroline Chu's line, I feel beautiful. Thank you! Thank you! Looking forward to your upcoming products, ...such as a spray for the perfume oil..hint, hint!
Lynn Murray of Northern California


It is my absolute favorite in the collection.

Date: 3/26/09

Day & Night Hydrating Cream. Wow, this everyday cream is very light and absorbs on contact. After two weeks using the cream my skin has become soft and very supple. My skin feels hydrated all day. It is also noticeably tauter. This is one cream that I look forward to using for many years. Enzyme Peel Concentrate This is an intense little concentrate. It is not gritty like some other exfoliates, this is smooth with a cream whip. It helped with my trouble patches on my chin. Herbal Bamboo Facial Scrub I love this scrub. I keep this scrub in my shower. What I like most about the scrub is the bamboo. I have not tried bamboo before, but the combination in this scrub is really pleasant to my skin. My skin feels invigorated and fresh after I use the Herbal Bamboo Facial Scrub. It is my absolute favorite in the collection.
Corinne Phipps, Founder of Urban Darling www.urban of San Jose, CA


Day & Night Hydrating Cream: I like it a lot.

Date: 3/26/09

Day & Night Hydrating Cream: I like it a lot. I have a combination skin. It is especially oily around my T zone area of my face. The amazing thing is that the Day & Night Cream absorbs my skin, yet provide moisture on my face. After I used it, it isn't oily on my face when I get up the next day. With other cosmetic cream, my face always have a layer of oil after I get up in AM. I feel like washing my face right the way. I enjoy putting it on during the day and night. Eye Cream: I found my skin near the eyes area is getting softer and tenderer. It gives me sense of satisfaction with your product. However, I put them only once in two or three days. I found it quite effective. Age Defying Toner - White Tea & PomegranateA very gentle and refreshing toner. I apply twice daily and found it very helpful on my skin. Both Tony and I love it. We love the fragrant. Fragrance: Perfume - My daughter loves it the most. It smell like the Osmanthus - the flower smell that is like one of my Chinese name (Kuey Hua). I love it but is doesn't last very long. I think a stronger dose with lasting longer effect will help to make it more effective and outstanding. It is a very feminine/flowery fragrance.
Sherry of Minneapolis, MN


Try it yourself, and you will know

Date: 3/26/09

No matter how good of skin you have, you always need skin care products to either keep it nice or make it better. It's never too much to have nice, supple looking skin, right? I love Caroline's products becasue they're not heavy and they don't have much of chemicals in them. I always thought I have good skin, and I don't need anything to take care of it until I started using her product. After using her products, I can see the differences. My skin is more supple and radiant. Try it yourself, and you will know.
Sharon Lee of San Mateo, CA


My skin always feels so much healthier...
Date: 1/1/09

My skin always feels so much healthier after I use this product. But besides its moisturizing benefits my favorite thing about this lotion is the fragrance. It has a light natural earthy aroma.
Zenilda Thompson of Bakersfield, CA


I LOVE your skin care line!

Date: 12/30/08

What I love about your skin care line is the purity of your skin care products. No harsh chemicals to permeate the skin but rather vitamins, green tea, bamboo, using natural ingredients to nurture and care for my skin. The bamboo scrub is amazing; it works fantastically and has such a clean aroma as well, making me feel like I'm spending the afternoon at a spa. As a woman of "a certain age", taking care of my skin becomes harder and harder and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on numerous brands of skin care products over the years. Your products are both effective and affordable. I began with the basic products (cleanser, cream, toner etc) and can't wait to try more of your product line.
Jacqueline Bucar of New Haven, CT


I love this facial cleanser!

Date: 12/30/08

I love this facial cleanser -- my face feels rejuvenated after using it. It cleans very well and has a lovely, soft feel to it. One of my standing orders with Caroline! This toner is absolutely wonderful -- I use it daily. It provides a lovely clean finish without any harshness at all. Great alone or under moisturizer. Would highly, highly recommend!
Whitney Feehan of San Francisco, CA


Gentle Facial Cleanser, smells nice

Date: 11/1/08

Gentle Facial Cleanser, smells nice.......... very well scented..... feels clean and fresh! it might be a little costly than the product in the department store but TOTALLY worth it!! 
Anny Chang of Dallas, TX


Yes, I'm loving your products!

Date: 8/16/08

Yes, I'm loving your products! I use the creams at night, my face and neck feel softer, even after I get out of the shower the next morning! I am using the cleanser every night too - it works great. The shower gel is heavenly too! I am really enjoying your products and so is my skin. -- Michelle Brown is a professional voiceover talent in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her distinct voice can be heard on TV and radio.
Michelle Brown of San Francisco, CA


Caroline is such a delight.

Date: 8/6/08

I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline this year and she is such a delight. I have to say, I really love the seaweed repair cream. I saw a difference in the texture of my skin. I also love the eye cream! All you need is a small amount of the night cream. In the morning the difference is clear! Fresh and alive. Caroline has a great energy - one that proves success and longevity!!!
Shea English, Image & Wardrobe Consultant Stylist
San Francisco, CA


Seaweed Repair Cream feels clean and light on my generally oily

Date: 8/6/08

Caroline Chu Seaweed Repair Cream feels clean and light on my generally oily skin. The Seaweed Repair Cream refines my pores and keeps my face hydrated without making it feel greasy. Wonderful product for a man who has neglected skin care! I couldn't wait to try other Caroline Chu products.
Paul Gam of Minneapolis, NM


I just LOVE Caroline Chu skin care products.

Date: 7/31/08

When I met Caroline Chu I immediately bought her entire line of skin care. The texture of the products was such that I had to test all the ones in my skin type. I just LOVE Caroline Chu skin care products. I have been using the Gentle Facial Cleanser, Ginger Anti-Aging Toner Refreshner, Eye Cream, Day and Night Hydrating Cream as well as the Anti-Aging Night Cream. A very small amount of cream is all you need as Caroline Chu's skin care products penetrate deeply in the skin leaving a healthy glow on the face. The packaging is beautiful too; I just wish the Gentle Facial Cleanser would also come in a 'non-breakable' container so I could have it in my shower too. Now I want to try the body cleanser. Oh! I forgot, I also used the serum. As an Image Consultant I need to educate myself constantly so I can refer the best products to my clients. I consider Caroline Chu's skin care products in that group.
Michele Benza Confidential Image Consulting Featuring European Style and Elegance


I love the Enzyme Peel and the Moisturizer

Date: 7/11/08

I've been using the products for a few days now, and so far I love the Enzyme Peel and the Moisturizer. I just wanted to let you know that I recommended your SPF 15 moisturizer on the newest Eliza Beauty blog.
Rachel DeSimone, Beauty Editor Eliza Magazine of Los Angeles, CA


amazing comments about Caroline's products

Date: 7/7/08

Wow, so many amazing comments about Caroline's products. Glad to hear you love her products. Caroline Chu fans, stay tuned for more of her products on
Stephanie Wong, founder of



Date: 7/6/08

A lightweight moisturizing lotion with the natural plant extracts and sunscreen helps protect skin from the harm of UV rays. Pro-Vitamin and Vitamin E aids in skin hydration and repair. Love it.
EEE Wah of San Francisco, CA


Great impact on my skin

Date: 7/3/08

I am a school teacher and have been using different skin care products, but none of them had such great impacts on my skin than Caroline Chu's products. Now I am a great advocate of Caroline Chu's products. I have used all her products, such as Day & Night Cream, Eye Cream, the Age Defying Toner - White Tea & Pomegranate, and many more products. I especially love the Age Defying Toner - White Tea & Pomegranate. I can't speak enough of the refreshing sensation when using her products on my faces. Even now, my husband is using Caroline Chu's facial products with me. My daughter just loves Caroline Chu' fragrance. It is such a great satisfaction using Caroline Chu's products! I finally found the PERFECT & BEST skin care for my skin! Moreover, what a joy to enjoy Caroline Chu's products with my family. Thanks, Caroline!
Sherry Tsao of Minneapolis, MN

The best skin care products

Date: 6/26/08

Caroline Chu's skin care products are among the best skin care products available. I work with a plastic surgeon and evaluate many of the best skin care lines and since learning about Caroline Chu's products, I have been a big advocate. I have used the products myself and love them. I highly recommend this line. I have also had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Caroline Chu. Caroline Chu is intelligent, beautiful and has great positive energy. The kind of person you LOVE to know!
Karen Carranza of San Francisco, CA

Seaweed Repair Cream

Date: 6/25/08

I have been using Caroline Chu's skin care products since they were launched. Seaweed Repair Cream is one of my favorite skin care products. This works perfect for me. I have never experienced such a good product like Seaweed Repair Cream. It always makes my face become smoother and brighter after using it.
Grace Lee of of Taipei, Taiwan


Date: 5/1/08

I use the AHA renewal mask once a week as part of my relaxing spa routine. It smells FANTASTIC, not stinky or like chemicals, as many masks do, therefore is actually relaxing to wear rather than unpleasant! When i wash it off my pores instantly feel tightened and my face refreshed, and after 2 months of using it, I have definetly noticed a difference in my complexion! My skin feels smoother and the pores on my nose (which tend to be large and bothersome) appear to be shrinking! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Kylie Edwards of Los Angeles, CA

This smooth eye shadow is perfect for me

Date: 5/1/08

This smooth eye shadow is perfect for me, as it blends well with other shadows to create a great multi-toned look. I also sweep a layer of it on when im in a rush in the morning, as it subtly awakens the whole eye area. I will definetly be purchasing it again!
Kylie Edwards of Los Angeles, CA

Now my skin is more radiant than ever!

Date: 4/23/08

I have redness prone skin. Caroline Chu's Seaweed Repair Cream greatly reduced my skin irritation and blemishes. Now my skin is more radiant than ever! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Diana Hwang of San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend this cream

Date: 2/5/08

Great for combination skin or any type of skin, nice smooth serum does feel hydrated and tighten the skin. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! non-greasy and easy to apply. Skin feels refreshed in the morning. Fragrance is good, not too strong. Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!] Love the color, very versitle, can use it anywhere from cheekbones to eyelids. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Claire Dupin of San Mateo, CA

Love this toner!

Date: 12/8/07

Love this toner! It's gentle on my skin and smells very delightful. I can't wait to try other products by Caroline Chu. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Vicki Demian of San Francisco, CA